The Lighthouse



Matt Miller was born and raised just north of the border in Janesville, Wisconsin. Early on, Matt knew that his career calling was radio. At the age of 17, Matt began his career as an intern in Madison, Wisconsin. In 1988, while working evening radio in Rockford, he picked up the nickname Matt Miller “The Rock & Roll Killer”. From there, he made his way through Upper Michigan, northern Wisconsin and is now at home in Rockford.

Matt Miller will spend his weekday mornings with you, beginning at 6:00 on the Stateline’s only live and local, full power contemporary Christian station. The former “Rock & Roll Killer” says, “I am elated with how God has brought me home and blessed me with an opportunity to serve in the field of work that I am passionate about. Please hear the voice of God in all that I do. I will strive to make your mornings a brighter place.”




Fred Tscholl is a graduate of Brown Institute of Broadcasting in Minneapolis, Minnesota and worked at four secular radio stations as an annoucer, news and program director.  After finding Christ, he has worked in Christian radio for many years, including his stint as manager of WFEN from 1991 to 2013.

Fred believes in Christian radio as a means of ministry and thinks that broadcast professionalism is an important part of that.


John Tallacksen


John Tallacksen was born and raised right here in Rockford, Illinois. The term “Johnny come lately” (yes, it does exist) applies to him. He had no clue he would ever be on the radio until God opened the door in 2005. If you ever see him in person, he is more than happy to share how that happened. He began hosting Gospel Country on another local Christian station and continued for four years until that station was sold and the format totally changed. Without missing a Saturday, John started with WFEN in March of 2008 and continued for another four years becoming the longest running host of Gospel Country in its history. Now, after an absence of nearly three years, he’s back.

John Tallacksen states, “I am the proverbial kid in the candy store every Saturday morning when I can be with you in Gospel Country from 9 until noon. I can’t wait until we can get together and share this ministry of Southern Gospel music. I also hope to see you at a local concert.”

When not on the radio, you might find John helping emcee a concert, singing with Professions of Faith, running sound for The Assemblymen, or spending time with his family.