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Now Shining Even Brighter

We have been experiencing some technical difficulties over the last several days. Our team of engineers have been working hard to get us back on the air. We are currently running a low-power transmitter that allows us to broadcast throughout Rockford and a few miles into the surrounding areas. This temporary solution should get us through until our BRAND NEW transmitter arrives mid-December. We apologize for the inconvenience this has caused and we look forward to being back at full power by Christmas.

For 25 years, 88.3 WFEN has been a shining light for listeners through positive, family-friendly music and encouraging messages that affirm, inspire and even transform the lives of those we touch. We offer a special blend of contemporary Christian music and Biblical teaching as well as encouraging messages and topical discussions from people like Joyce Meyer, Dennis Rainey and others. Whether you're new to WFEN or a longtime listener, everyone at The Lighthouse welcomes you home.

Thank you for making WFEN your number one station!